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Anyone who rides a bike regularly is probably well aware that accidents can happen, and may have even been involved in some close calls. Traveling on two wheels without a motor, means potentially putting yourself at risk of being struck by a car driver. If this were to happen, some bicyclists suffer from minor bruises and scrapes. But for others, the damage is much more severe. In many cases, an ambulance is required to rush the bicyclist to the nearest emergency room for immediate care. It is important to note that if the car driver was at-fault, the bicyclist may be entitled to compensation for his or her injuries, damages, and other losses.

In the aftermath of such an accident, a bicyclist may see their primary physician for an exam and treatment. Another great resource for those who were in a bike accident, is to seek care from a chiropractor. These medical professionals focus on injuries related to the musculoskeletal system, which is often seen in bicycle accident victims. Those interested in trying chiropractic care can consult with a doctor in his or her area for more information.

Statistics: How Often Bike Accidents Occur

It is estimated that more than half a million victims of bicycle-related accidents visit the emergency room each year in America. Common injuries include the neck, lower back, shoulders, muscle tears, broken bones, and head trauma. The bottom line is that riding a bicycle anywhere that shares lanes with vehicle drivers, is going to be risky. Bicyclists are vulnerable to serious injuries because they don’t have the same physical protection that car drivers have to deflect impacts. Bicyclists can help protect themselves by wearing safety gear, performing regular bike maintenance, and staying alert.

How Chiropractics Can Help Heal

Chiropractors can perform adjustments of the human body, particularly in areas where joints have become misaligned. For example, a person hit by a car is likely to suffer from spine and back-related pains due to the force pushing their body out of proper positioning. Once the spine and other joints are realigned, it can help reduce inflammation, decrease pain, increase mobility, and encourage the body to heal itself naturally. A chiropractor may recommend the bicycle accident victim receives massages too as a way to work through soreness, and practice stretching exercises at home to get back into riding sooner.

Areas Most Impacted by Bike Accidents

A bicyclist is likely to endure back, neck, spine, head, and extremity damage after being hit by a car driver. The victim may complain about tingling sensations, numbness, immense pain, stiffness, and other aches. A chiropractor Phoenix, AZchooses, like Dr. Monte Hessler, can perform a full-body examination, to determine the root cause before creating a comprehensive treatment plan. A bicyclist that experiences numbness in the hands or feet, may be suffering from compressed discs in the spine or from pressure on joints. A chiropractor can adjust these areas to aid in body healing. Neck and head injuries are frequently seen among bike accident victims, and can entail conditions like whiplash, concussion, trauma to cervical spine, and sprains.