What is PEMF

PEMF is a form of therapy that exposes the body to electromagnetic energy fields. An electromagnetic field is a cloud of electrically charged particles, similar to the one that surrounds the earth. PEMF therapy is used to assist in the treatment of all kinds of medical conditions, including everything from pain to digestive issues.

PEMF therapy is so effective because it effectively “recharges the batteries” of depleted cells. While we don’t normally think about it, all living cells do carry an electrical charge—about 20 millivolts for a healthy cell. As the voltage of these cells drop, the body loses efficiency, causing pain, illness, or the breakdown of tissues. PEMF aims to restore the voltage of cells, allowing the body to operate at its peak and allowing the body to repair itself more effectively. Thus, it makes sense how PEMF can be used to treat such a wide variety of medical conditions. The treatment basically just increases cell power, allowing for all body functions to run more smoothly.

PEMF therapy is totally non-invasive and does not require any contact. It simply uses a device that emits electromagnetic fields. Some of these devices can even be used in your home or can be worn. The electromagnetic fields emitted by PEMF devices don’t hurt at all—on the contrary, PEMF therapy can be used to reduce pain. Patients who receive PEMF therapy report feeling relaxed and energized after treatment.

How PEMF and Regenerative Medicine Injections Work Together

When combined, PEMF therapy and Regenerative Medicine Injections is perhaps the most powerful treatment in helping your body heal naturally. While PEMF re-energizes and optimizes your existing cells, Regenerative medicine injections provides the raw materials for repair and renewal to take place. When regenerative medicine injections are injected into the damaged area of the body, they signal the body’s healing response and differentiate into the kind of cells necessary to rebuild the damaged tissues. PEMF accelerates this process by providing the energy necessary for the complex task of rebuilding and supercharges your existing cells.

In our chiropractic office, we recommend following up any regenerative medicine injection treatment with a series of PEMF treatments. PEMF will ensure the injected regenerative medicine injections are working properly and will speed up the entire healing process.

No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work accident or otherwise, we are here to help you!

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