A Sports Medicine Doctor Discusses Chiropractic Care for Sports-Related Injuries

According to the CDC, physical activity is an important component in achieving the best health possible. Adults should, whenever possible, engage in physical activity multiple times per week in order to improve their overall health. If you have never engaged in physical activity, it’s important to start off slow to avoid injury.

Unfortunately for some who regularly participate in physical activity, sports-related injuries can be a risk when care is not taken. For an athlete, demands to engage in continued practice or games may take a toll on the body which, may result in injury. A sports medicine doctor may provide key treatment for patients who are suffering from injuries related to sports activity. Not only may a sports medicine doctor be able to help manage pain, they may also help in resolving the issue so that you are able to return to your preferred sport or exercise as quickly as possible.

Common Sports-Related Injuries

When participating in regular physical activity, allowing the body time to rest and recover may be crucial to ensuring that injuries do not occur. However, for the average athlete, there can be a demand to perform on a more rigorous basis. As result, the body may not have ample time to properly heal in between practices. Some of the most common types of sports-related injuries include:

  • Sprains
  • Muscle strains
  • ACL tears
  • Fractures
  • Sciatic problems
  • Shoulder problems

If you have been injured, it’s important to not give up hope. A Phoenix AZ sports medicine doctor may be able to provide you with treatment that allows for better management of your pain, to recover from your injury within a reasonable period of time, and help to prevent any recurrences.

Sports-Related Injuries Treated by a Sports Medicine Doctor

Sports-related injuries may occur over time or through an accident that results in an acute issue. When muscles are overused, pain may occur that, if not managed appropriately, may lead to more serious problems. Whether you have been injured or are experiencing chronic pain due to the physical activity you are engaged in, chiropractic care may be the appropriate treatment for you. Depending on the injury you are experiencing, a sports medicine doctor in Phoenix AZ may be able to help by:

  • Helping to manage your pain through regular adjustments
  • Properly align your spine to provide you with an improved range of motion
  • Increase the rate at which you are able to heal by reducing inflammation
  • Developing a plan that incorporates treatment from a variety of modalities by partnering with other practitioners you are being treated by

While some injuries may also require treatment from your physician, a sports medicine doctor may be successful in helping to speed up the healing process and adjust you in a way that allows for your body to heal as quickly as possible.

Although physical activity is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, making sure that you start off slow is vital. Doing too much too soon may result in injuries that can slow you down completely. For the regular sports enthusiast, it’s important to keep your body aligned and conditioned for physical activity. A sports medicine doctor Phoenix AZ patients recommend may be helpful in assisting the physically active in keeping their bodies optimal for activity through regular treatment, as well as treat sports-related injuries. Call us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Monte Hessler.