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A Massage Therapist Can Help with Car Accident Injuries

Dr. Monte Hessler – Team Chiropractor –  understands the physical pain and emotional stress that you might be feeling after an auto accident, and a massage therapist in downtown Phoenix, AZ may be your answer. Our licensed massage therapists in downtown Phoenix, AZ have treated many patients who have had a broad range of injuries to the head, neck, or spine. When you are in an auto accident, your body experiences a tremendous jarring movement. This can lead to pain and whiplash. Many people believe that whiplash is not a serious injury; however, it can cause destabilization in the spine along with vision problems, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and pain. A massage therapist offers treatments that can be the most effective ways to address whiplash and other skeletal or muscular issues that resulted from a car accident.

A committed massage therapist in downtown Phoenix, Arizona serving at Dr. Monte Hessler – Team Chiropractor – knows that car accidents can be very serious. In fact, not many people walk away without injuries that require medical attention. The human body is delicate, and even minor car collisions can be enough to cause neck and back injuries such as whiplash. The musculoskeletal system may get thrown out of proper positioning due to the force of the crash. What may initially feel like tolerable soreness, can slowly increase to severe pain in the days following.

Unless there is an emergency or visibly broken bone, a conventional doctor may prescribe medications then send the patient on his or her way. Unfortunately, this may not be addressing injuries like tiny yet painful muscle and ligaments tears. It may be a good idea for the person to see a massage therapist in downtown Phoenix, AZ to treat these underlying injuries:

Pain After an Accident

There are common injuries or types of pain someone might experience after a car accident. Some of these are:

  • Poor Range of Motion Due to Stiffness

Common injuries associated with car accidents are muscle tension and restricted mobility. As a response to the impact, the muscles of the neck, back and other muscles can become stiff and swollen. Blood flow and transport of needed nutrients then have trouble reaching these sites due to the swelling. The recovery process is slowed down because the body cannot send healing properties to these muscles. A massage therapist in downtown Phoenix, AZ can work the muscles around the spinal column which may unblock the stagnancy, encouraging the body to heal itself.

  • Whiplash

Whiplash is a trauma that is seen frequently in car accident victims. Whiplash occurs when the head is jerked forward and backward past its limits, impacting soft tissues of the cervical spine. A downtown Phoenix, AZ massage therapist is likely to evaluate the body as a whole, even if the patient is complaining of only neck pain. The injury may be affecting other areas of the body, not just the neck. After an exam, a massage therapist in downtown Phoenix, AZ can identify areas that have the most restricted joint motion, ligament damage, and intervertebral disc injury. A massage therapist may also evaluate the patient for levels of tightness, tenderness and how smoothly the spinal joints move.

  • Buildup of Scar Tissue

Where there is inflammation, there may be a formation of scar tissue, as this is a normal part of the healing process. However, this buildup of scar tissue can be uncomfortable. Massage therapy can help with scar tissue pain and promote muscle function. Depending on the type and location of the injury, a downtown Phoenix, AZ massage therapist may be able break up the scar tissue.

  • Unrelenting Pain

When people first become interested in trying massage therapy, they may be worried that the deep tissue muscle work will be painful. In fact, it may be just the opposite as the body can release pain-reduction properties that are naturally occurring within the body. These properties are spread throughout the entire system and can assist in alleviating pain naturally, without the use of heavy painkillers or muscle relaxers. A patient may experience soreness after a massage, but it should be no more intense than what is felt after a really good workout. Call Dr. Monte Hessler – Team Chiropractor –  and work with a professional massage therapist in downtown Phoenix, AZ today!

The Importance of Seeing a Massage Therapist As Soon As Possible

It is highly recommended to see a downtown Phoenix, AZ massage therapist as soon as you can following a car accident. The reason being is that whiplash can cause long-term problems. Furthermore, the full extent of an injury might not be felt for weeks or months after a collision. A massage therapist in downtown Phoenix, AZ is able to assess the body and spot injuries before they project any actual symptoms.

During your first sessions, a massage therapist may perform various tests to determine whether or not the ligaments that support your head and neck have been torn or otherwise injured. A massage therapist may also examine the spinal vertebrae to look for misalignments.

Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment by a Massage Therapist

  • Chiropractic care helps to reduce inflammation
  • It can restore motion
  • Relieve localized pain
  • Reduce scar tissue
  • Relieve stress
  • Prevent chronic pain

Following a car accident, your body could be misaligned. This is often not visibly noticeable, but may present painful sensations and other symptoms. As a patient, you will be given a personalized treatment plan specific to your injuries. This could include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Therapeutic massages
  • Physical therapy
  • Dietary recommendations

Even a minor accident that caused no property damage or noticeable physical harm can cause neck and spine trauma. It is advisable to consult your physician for advice on whether or not you should have an X-ray or other tests performed. This might also rule out the potential for internal injuries. Following this, call before you give the potential injuries time to worsen. By taking these precautionary measures, you may recover faster.

Find Out How We Can Help You

If you have been in a car accident and feel like your neck or spine is “not right”, you may benefit from seeing a certified and trained massage therapist downtown Phoenix, AZ patients recommend. Often, patients need one to three sessions to start feeling better. By seeing a massage therapist in downtown Phoenix, AZ, you might not only reduce the pain you are experiencing now, but may also reduce the potential for long-term pain that could stem from a car accident injury.  If you would like to know more, please call Dr. Monte Hessler – Team Chiropractor – today to set up an appointment with a downtown Phoenix, AZ massage therapist today.