Tension Headaches

Causes of Tension Headaches

While some headaches are symptomatic of more serious underlying health issues (stroke, brain tumor, dehydration, etc.) most “every day” headaches are caused by tension or stress in the body. Thus the name “tension headache” or “stress headache.” Sometimes tension in the face or jaw can cause headaches, such as the tension carried by those who clench their teeth

The tension that causes a tension headache doesn’t necessarily have to be in the head. Tension carried in the neck, back, or even in the arms and legs can cause headaches. Certain behaviors such as poor posture, slouching over a desk, and a sedentary lifestyle can cause the build up of tension throughout the body, leading to headaches. 

Tension Headaches Treatments

The goal of chiropractic treatment is to treat the root causes of the headaches so that they go away on their own. Many people treat headaches with pain medication, but over medicating can actually cause headaches. It’s better to treat the cause, not the symptoms.

Chiropractors are especially skilled in helping relieve tension from the body. Chiropractic adjustment, for example, is a treatment that increases mobility in the spinal joints and relieves pressure on the spinal cord. As spinal misalignment can be a common cause of headaches, chiropractic adjustment is an effective way to reduce headache frequency and severity.

Massage therapy is another chiropractic treatment that can improve headaches. Massage helps all the muscles in the body relax, relieving tension that, when held on to, can be the cause of headaches. Getting massaged regularly is a great way to avoid frequent tension headaches.